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Independent Service - Unbiased Advice - Risk Reduction

Technical Consultancy - rf systems, antenna and aerial design and assessment, electromagnetic computational analysis, communication links and broadcast technology

Making the correct choice between different technical solutions or equipment can be a daunting prospect, even when you have significant technical expertise. Although equipment or solutions may work as described by the supplier, its disadvantages are unlikely to be emphasised. As RF performance often depends on external factors that cannot always be 100% defined (weather, terrain, sun spot activity, interference), comparing alternative solutions can be far from easy.

As an independent company, we provide an unbiased technical consultancy service.

We can provide Consultants to assess bids and quantify the associated technical risk.

As well as our expertise in mathematical modelling, antenna pattern prediction and installed performance evaluation, we are experienced in broadcast systems, mobile phone systems, propagation, radar, RF technology, weapon systems and the setting up of trials with the subsequent analysis of data.

Typical consultancy for our Clients includes the following type of advice:

Aircraft Carrier


Antenna types


Antenna placement on structures


Suitability of proposed antenna sites and surrounding terrain


Comparisons of modelling techniques and software solutions

The highest level of satisfaction is maintained by working as a team with our Clients to ensure our consultancy services fully match or exceed our Clients' expectations.

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