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Adverse Environment - Multiple Emitters - Successful Links

RF Scenario Analysis - assessment of probability of successful communication and interference for multiple emitters in a defined noisy or hostile environment

All RF systems must operate satisfactorily in adverse conditions of noise and interference from other equipment.

Trials can only assess equipment performance for the one set of conditions of that trial. As complex RF environments cannot easily be created, it is necessary to develop scenarios and create models to analyse them.

Obtaining scenarios is not easy in the post cold war environment, as the location and scope of future conflicts is not restricted to a few geographical areas.

FanField has developed scenario analysis models that calculate the level and type of interference at one or many equipment installations and can determine the probability of successful communication links within that environment. One variant of the model can analyse  the interference from rotating antennas, pulsed systems, CW emitters, frequency hopping systems, high gain and omnidirectional antennas.

The model has been successfully used to predict the RF system performance of a scenario with over 1000 platforms and to produce a map of power density of interference signals for various geographical locations including Germany.

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