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HF to Microwave - Coverage Predictions - Antennas

BROADCAST SYSTEMS- antenna and feeder design - patterns, coverage, propagation and radiation hazard prediction - on-site surveys and commissioning

The proliferation of radio and TV broadcasts at ever increasing power levels means that broadcasters are struggling to be heard above their competitors. It is vital therefore, to pay detailed attention to that often overlooked and poorly understood aspect of the broadcasting system, the antenna, in order to ensure that the money spent on transmitter capital and running costs is not wasted.


FanField is firmly established as a leading antenna consultancy and can offer a wide range of services relating to broadcasting antenna and feeder systems. These include:

  • Antenna and feeder system design

  • Antenna radiation pattern prediction

  • Propagation predictions and coverage diagrams

  • Production of technical specifications (procurement, test, acceptance etc.)

  • Bid evaluation

  • Radiation hazard prediction (including the antenna near field zone)

  • On site equipment engineering inspection and surveys

  • World-wide antenna and feeder system commissioning

UHF TV Antenna

FanField possesses powerful antenna analysis and propagation prediction software, as well as the experience necessary to use it successfully and with confidence. FanField is a corporate member of the Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society (ACES), a professional body for antenna and propagation specialists. Through ACES we are able to ensure that we are fully aware of all the latest developments in the application of mathematical analysis to antennas and propagation.

Our engineers have considerable practical experience of designing, commissioning and operating high power antennas and feeder systems, gained at many broadcasting stations around the world. These include MF systems at powers of up to 2MW and 500 kW at HF.

We also have excellent contacts and can work in collaboration with other specialist companies to provide expertise on the structural and civil engineering aspects of any broadcasting antenna project.

Our experience covers all types of broadcasting antennas and feeders, including the following:

  • LF & MF mast radiators

  • MF arrays with driven and parasitic elements, including Yagi arrays

  • HF curtain antennas

  • HF quadrants

  • Rhombics

  • VHF FM antennas

  • UHF TV antennas

  • Co-axial and open wire transmission lines

  • Switch matrices

1.2 MW MF Quasi Coaxial Line
1.2 MW MF Station

Consequently, FanField can help maximise your antenna system's performance, ensure that your proposed new installation operates as planned or simply provide experienced personnel for that unusual or unexpected task.

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